Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening day

The six months that begin today make the other six months worth living.

To make it easier for you all to ridicule me at the end of the season, I will provide my predictions for my favorite teams.

Phillies: 88-74
Red Sox: 93-69

Wild card prediction for the number of times Greg will call me a carpetbagger this season: over/under of 20.

Feel free to post your predictions for your favorite teams.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


If these pictures of Jill Carroll's homecoming and reunion with her family don't give you chills, you're Vulcan-esque.

Genesis: Born again as an ironic hipster favorite?

On Friday evening, I downed a couple I.P.A.s at one of Harvard Square's truly great destinations: Charlie's Kitchen. One of the few remaining elements of pre-gentrification Harvard Square, Charlie's Kitchen offers cheap food, great beer, and a brilliant jukebox in an atmosphere dominated by hipsters and punks.

The jukebox's brilliance stems from its general lack of cooler-than-thou bands while offering a healthy diet of great music. Spend an evening at Charlie's, and there's a good chance you'll hear the Ramones, Pixies, Clash, and Rolling Stones. If you had asked me a week ago to name a band that almost certainly would not be featured on the Charlie's jukebox, it is certainly possible that I'd say Phil Collins-era Genesis. So imagine my surprise when "Invisible Touch" began playing.

This got me to thinking: When did Genesis pass from the world of cheesy crap to ironic cheese, a la Neil Diamond and Journey? Did it happen on Friday or is this a less-recent development?