Sunday, August 29, 2004

Baseball and politics

This amusing piece compares the Red Sox to the Democratic Party and the Yankees to the Republicans. It discusses many parallels between the teams and their corresponding political parties. For example, the Yankees, like the Republican Party, have historically been a well-oiled machine, while the Sox are a scrappy bunch like their Democratic counterparts. And it goes on.

But the story ignores an unfortunate parallel--race relations. Like the Red Sox, the Democratic Party was slow in bringing black people into the fold. Before 1948, the Democrats did not take civil rights seriously. That finally changed at the 1948 Democratic National Convention, where Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey advocated a civil rights plank in the party platform. For their part, the Red Sox were the last Major League team to field a black player, finally calling up Pumpsie Green from the minor leagues in 1959, 12 years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier.


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